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New design for my blog – do’s and don’ts

desisaid New design for my blog   dos and donts

New Design

As you can see, my blog has changed. Not totally satisfied with the skin I chose, but it should do for another month or so. The trouble with WordPress is that whenever you change the theme, it changes the way your blog works. So far I’ve been using the Joomla! CMS and I should say it it is the best system developed so far. Joomla! allows you to start with something small and develop your site as you wish in time. Even though it’s basics does not come as optimized for the search engines like WordPress, it gives more opportunities for a proper web site.

It appears that WordPress is not as simple to work with as it looks. I’ve been having problems using themes with already implemented widgets. So you get 5 widgets but you don’t really need two of them and you want to get rid of them. Guess what. You can’t if you don’t know how to write code.  Most of the plugins for WordPress are not well developed either. Changing the theme sometimes causes that these plugins won’t work properly or even don’t appear at the front end of the site.

WordPress is really good for blogging, but nothing more. So if you consider making a website, better use Joomla! and then make yourself a blog  in WordPress and link it to the main web site. Don’t spend to much time finding the best template ever for your blog like me or spend money on it. Do it for your company website. Connect your blog with the social web sites, start blogging and don’t forget to find the best SEO specialist for your company web site. It’s worth it.

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